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Group Piano Lessons

Group Piano Classes

Develop a foundation in piano in a fun, friendly setting with the help of your peers. For beginners of all ages, this class will include instruction on basic sheet music, technique, and playing basic rhythms and melodies through classic songs.

Group piano lessons are offered by inquiry only. We assess each student to ensure placement in a class section appropriate to the student's skill level.

- Price: $125/month + book
- Open enrollment

Your Instructor

Becky Gorajewski

Becky Gorajewski

Becky has been playing the piano for most of her life. As a child she took lessons for many years, becoming proficient in classical music and music theory. When she was 15 years old she began to teach beginner piano students. She has over 20 years experience teaching piano to young children as well as adults, taking on both beginner and advanced students.

While continuing to teach piano lessons, Becky studied to get her degree in Elementary and Special Education from Carlow University. After graduation she was hired with a local school district as a Special Education Teacher and for 11 years taught elementary age children with a wide range of learning, behavioral, and emotional needs.

​Throughout the past two decades, Becky has participated in many worship bands, using chord improvisation techniques. After many years working with countless musicians she now raises up new musicians and directs the worship at a local church. Throughout the years as a piano teacher she has worked with many piano students seeking specifically to develop their skills using chords and theory to play worship music.

​As an adult, Becky also studied with world renowned Jazz pianist Frank Cunimondo, further advancing her skills. Becky continues to draw upon her educational expertise while working with piano students with whom she shares her love of music. She teaches both classical and chord methods with an emphasis on music theory to intermediate and advanced students.

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