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Mike Gianechini

Photography Instructor

Michael Gianechini is the owner and primary photographer of G&G Studio Creations as well as G2 Studios, located in Mars, PA and has been creating beautiful and creative custom art for families and businesses all over the world since 2001. He has been practicing the art of photography since his youth. He is inspired by his childhood, where he had the opportunity to move about every year, all across America. His parents were the initial inspiration as they always made sure to document all of their travels to unique and beautiful places along the way.

The passion for photography really set in while taking a graphic design class in high school. His parents gave him their Olympus OM-1, the 35mm camera that got him into the dark room, igniting a fire in him that continues to grow today.

Michael has become proficient in portraiture of individuals and groups in studio and on locations, photographing products, industrial processes, architecture and landscapes. He and his team have always been known for their award-winning wedding photography which forces the artist to hone their skills in all of these categories at a high rate of speed in a high pressure situation. As Michael states “ The emotion drives the imagery. The composition, lighting and camera settings help complete the process.” Michael's artwork can be found hanging in many Pittsburgh-based businesses, on billboards, book covers, websites, brochures, menus, magazines, business cards, vehicle wraps and in homes around the world. To see more beautiful photography and to learn more about how Michael and his team can create your own custom art, please go to their websites or

Mike Gianechini
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