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Gladis Henriquez

Music Instructor

Gladis Henriquez pursued her bachelor’s degree in Flute Performance at Texas Christian University where she studied with Dr. Shauna Thompson. She graduated in May 2022. Currently, she is pursuing a Master’s in Music Performance at Duquesne University where she studies with Ms. Jennifer Steele, and she serves as a Graduate Assistant of the Woodwind Department. In addition, she is passionate about playing in different music ensembles such as Duquesne Symphony Orchestra and Chamber Orchestra as Principal Flute. Other ensembles she has participated in are the TCU Symphony Orchestra, Symphonic Band, and Flute Studio Choir in which she recently performed at the Texas Society of Music Educators, TCU Flute Festival, and the opening of the new Van Cliburn Hall at TCU. Gladis has been part of several music festivals and conventions such as the National Flute Convention (2022), Mid-South Flute Festival (2020) at the University of North Alabama, Masterworks Festival in South Carolina (2019), and Flute and Percussion Festival in Honduras and Panama, where she has received masterclasses with distinguished teachers that have inspired and motivated her to be a great professional flutist as well as a passionate teacher.

Gladis has a great enthusiasm and passion for learning, teaching, and making an impact on younger generations through music education. As a music teacher, Gladis enjoyed her experience teaching flute and beginner piano instructor at Creative Soul Music School in Fort Worth, TX. Prior to that, Gladis served as flute and music theory teacher at the Soli Deo Gloria School of Music in her home country, Honduras. She has previously taught private flute lessons in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. In addition, Gladis has the availability to teach in both English and Spanish. Gladis is deeply passionate about transmitting musical feelings to society through her music and her biggest mission is to help grow a positive, safe, and fun music community for music lovers.

Gladis Henriquez
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