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Please Welcome Gordon Ovenshine!

Please welcome the latest addition to the Pittsburgh School of the Arts teaching staff, Gordon Ovenshine!

Gordon Ovenshine, our Intro to Photography Instructor, has worked in print journalism, higher education public relations and church marketing. He studied photography on the job, online and by partnering with professionals.

Mr. Ovenshine believes in "field work" photography, meaning getting out of your comfort zone for a shoot. He resists the tendency to over saturate and blur images, preferring realism. As he says, "The world is colorful enough. We don't need to make it up."

Mr. Ovenshine orients students to the basics, including aperture, shutter speed, editing and compositional strategies such as leading line. While he values RAW files, Mr. Ovenshine specializes in creating film simulation JPGs. His photographs have been published in newspapers, alumni magazines, tourism brochures and online.

A California native, Mr. Ovenshine lived in Alaska, Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C. before enrolling at Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania, where he received his undergraduate degree in English and 24 credits of graduate education. Mr. Ovenshine's interests include creation science, learning instruments, the outdoors and family. His greatest joy is his two granddaughters.

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